KELLY will be performing material predominantly from his starkly minimalist The Wake full-length as well as his recently issued three-song EP, Push Me On To The Sun. KELLY will be accompanied by multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist John Judkins of Rwake. See confirmed dates and venues below.

Push Me On To The Sun, available now through My Proud Mountain, is currently streaming in full at Cvlt Nation who issues of the poignant offering, "This record is soul music at the highest level, meaning that Scott bares all of his emotion, and that is what makes the songs so powerful. The confidence that he unleashes in his songs make this some of the best happy music clothed in reality you might hear this year. When I hear him sing that he got his teeth kicked in on San Pablo Ave and had a gun put to his head, it's not just about the violence, but also where he had put himself during that part of his life."

2/23/2016 The Crying Wolf - Nashville, TN
2/24/2016 The Earl - Atlanta, GA
2/25/2016 The Buccaneer - Memphis, TN
2/26/2016 Vino's - Little Rock, AK
2/27/2016 Maxine's - Hot Springs, AK
2/28/2016 The Road Map - Texarkana, TX
2/29/2016 Riverside Warehouse - Shreveport, LA