"Simply put: we, NETHERLANDS, are extremely excited to be working with Prosthetic in 2016 and beyond" comments ELLIS, "We basically exist to exuberantly trumpet the goddamn miraculous amazingness and often simultaneously totally horrible / utter shiteness of life. Ya know, the usual, Anyway…JOIN US!"

Credited for "ushering in a new wave of metal pop" (Noisey) with their "super fuzzed stoner rock" (CMJ), NETHERLANDS have previously self-released two albums, 2010's "Fantasmatic" and 2012's "Silicon Vapor", which the band has showcased throughout New York with zealous incendiary live performances that recall the brutality of hardcore along with palpably foreboding atmospheric elements reminiscent of the early proto-metal greats. Having an expansive three dimensional style of work, the band has supported a range of acts including Melt Banana, Mutoid Man and The Giraffes.

NETHERLANDS have announced their debut Prosthetic effort, "Audubon", will be released worldwide this Spring and have presented the albums first single "The Bottom of the Ocean" in the below music video directed by Frank Huang (Pit Full of Shit). Watch it streaming below or directly on YouTube here.