Front man Drew Murphy on the new video:

"Here it is. The first video from Profound and Profane, "Gods of Rock 'n Roll". It follows a day in the life of some big, angry guy who finds salvation in Rock 'n Roll. Basically the moral of the story is, being poor sucks. Working hard and still being poor sucks more. So find something you love to help alleviate some of that suck. For us that thing is music. Big thanks to E.B. Hughes and William Murray for making the video, and extra big thanks to the Boneyard Bar & Grill in Atlantic City for letting us shoot there."

HAMMER FIGHT brings a sound that many kids these days may have missed; Hard Rockin' Metal. Versatile enough to share the stage with the most extreme death metal acts to classic hard rock bands and everything in between, HAMMER FIGHT are ready to make an impression on the today's heavy music scene.

HAMMER FIGHT is here to kick some ass! Keep your eyes and ears open, they'll be in your town soon.

Profound and Profane Track Listing:
1. Picking Up Change
2. Target Acquired
3. Into the Dark
4. Good Times in Dark Ages
5. Gods of Rock n' Roll
6. Low & Broken
7. Private Stock
8. The Ultimate Sacrifice
9. Cell Mates
10. West Side Story
11. The Crate
12. Cult of Conceit