"'Haunted Justice' is about a town of tortured people attempting to exact their revenge on the witches that have stolen, sacrificed, and consumed their children," elaborates the band. "The only problem is, when you kill the Host body to Pure Evil, you only wind up doing it the favor of releasing it and unleashing true terror onto the world. Give it a listen, read, and learn the lyrics so you can sing with us next time we're in your town. Also, listen closely to the amazing guest spots from Misery Index's very own Mark Kloeppel who absolutely killed the track and brought a visceral sound of hate to life in his performance."

Adds No Clean Singing, "At the outset, it's an overpowering torrent of vicious sound propelled by drumming that simulates a war zone and by slashing, meat-cleaving riffs operating at top speed, coupled with monstrous roars and hair-on-fire shrieking. After this opening barrage has effectively cracked open your cranium like an egg and ejected your eyeballs from the skull due to explosive pressure, then COGNITIVE start messing with your brain in an eerie, neuron-scrambling interplay between solo guitar and bass. And finally, the band erupt in one last frenzy of rampant hammering decimation."

In conjunction with the release of Deformity, COGNITIVE will bring their maniacal odes to the stage on the two-plus week Birthing The Deformity US Tour which runs from October 28th through November 13th with additional onstage abrasions to be announced in the weeks to follow.

10/28/2016 Club Risque - Philadelphia, PA
10/29/2016 Paradise Lake Campground - Hammonton, NJ
10/30/2016 Riff House - Chesapeake, VA
10/31/2016 Mccormick's - Richmond, VA
11/01/2016 The Cave - Chapel Hill, NC
11/02/2016 Drunk Horse Pub - Fayetville, NC
11/03/2016 The Station - Charlotte, NC
11/04/2016 Cory's Grilled Cheese - James Island, SC
11/05/2016 Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta. GA
11/06/2016 Autograph Rehearsal Studio - Murfreesboro, TN
11/07/2016 Backstage - Covington, KY
11/08/2016 The Doom Room - Lafayette, IN
11/09/2016 Carl's Tavern - New Haven, IN
11/10/2016 Corktown Tavern - Detroit, MI
11/11/2016 Annabelle's Bar And Lounge - Akron, OH
11/12/2016 Bobby's Place - Erie, PA
11/13/2016 Championship's Bar & Grill - Trenton, NJ

Hailing from South Jersey, COGNITIVE was born in 2011 with the sole intent to create heavy, intensely technical music, while maintaining an edge of creativity that separates them from the over-produced sea of subgenres. Combining technicality, guitar solos, grooves, and abstract ideas within their songwriting, COGNITIVE is continually pushing itself to think outside of the proverbial box while maintaining an organic and unapologetically brutal edge. COGNITIVE seeks only to advance itself musically and export New Jersey's undying hatred globally.