Regarding their signing, the band comments: "NOCTURNAL GRAVES would like to extend our gratitude to Seasons of Mist and we look forward to working with them on our next releases. We are in the process of writing our third album, so expect nothing less than total death metal Savagery!"

Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2004, NOCTURNAL GRAVES exploded from the underground with two well received demos titled 'Profanation of Innocence' and 'Deathstorm'. Quickly securing a label deal, the band officially released the 'Necromancer' 7" (2006) before unleashing their debut full-length 'Satan's Cross' (2007).

NOCTURNAL GRAVES widely extended their international fanbase with the release of their sophomore album "...From the Bloodline of Cain" (2014), which was followed by a vicious live performance in the USA as part of Maryland Deathfest this past year.