Regarding their signing, ALTARAGE comment: "We are glad that Season Of Mist have joined us on our journey through the nothingness, chanting hymns of failure, and celebrating decay towards our inevitable end. The year 2017 will see a new nihilistic offering. The end is upon us." ALTARAGE band picture by Altarage Although little is known about the Spanish band's origins, ALTARAGE state themselves that the band was "spawned in a nihilistic cauldron of contempt, in order to reach out the nothingness of all planes of existence". Masters of "primitive, poisonous, electrifying music from a band that’s now squarely on my radar screen for the future.” (No Clean Singing), the secretive metal band from Bilbao quickly gained notoriety in the death metal underground through their self-released demo and their acclaimed debut-full length just last year.