Regarding their signing, the DEATHWHITE comments: "We are incredibly honored to join the Season of Mist roster. DEATHWHITE started in 2012 as a basic studio project with the aim of playing dark metal in the vein of some of our most beloved bands. To have Season of Mist take an interest in us is far beyond our expectations. We now turn our attention to the proper release of our first full-length, 'For a Black Tomorrow', and look forward to among other things, our first live performances, and an enduring partnership with Season of Mist."

Formed in 2012, DEATHWHITE were created in part to follow in the path created by dark metal torchbearers such as KATATONIA, MY DYING BRIDE, PARADISE LOST, and ANATHEMA.

The bands earliest work gave rise to their impactful blend of heavy, melodic, and deeply emotional metal. DEATHWHITE's profile grew significantly with the late 2015 release of their 'Solitary Martyr' EP, which was hailed by critics as "...spun gold, thick with emotion..." and "wonderfully engrossing."

DEATHWHITE spent 2016 writing and recording their first full-length album 'For a Black Tomorrow'. 'For a Black Tomorrow' is scheduled for international release through Season of Mist in early 2018.