Stay tuned for more announcements! Already booked for the fest are the Cro-Mags, Integrity, Agnostic Front!

After posting this, I saw this on the Shattered Realm official facebook:

Per Joe Hardcore regarding the lineup and the fact that some people aren't happy about this, this should settle any confusion on the matter. We are not trying to make this into a huge dramatic matter or anything, just trying to clear up any questions people have had about the issue.

"Shattered Realm is playing East Coast Tsunami.
Former Members are not excited about this.

They ruined the opportunity by Suing Club Reverb after their last performance there.
As people would like to see Shattered Realm play again, and being the person who sang in the band the longest and having thought long and hard about how Club Reverb has been injured by this lawsuit and being asked often if Shattered Realm will play again, this makes sense.

If the person who posted from the SR page is upset with the performance without their invitation, that's their issue to deal with.

Suing a club is a grave sin in the hardcore community and members of the band have spent years in public denial on social media yet they aren't welcome to be invited to play shows like East Coast Tsunami , This Is Hardcore and other big shows.
If this lawsuit wasn't real, with the amount of people asking for SR, they would have played by now.

Eric Cooper started the band and Joe None have said this is in interviews.
It was only when I played a few songs under a different name at a benefit, did the "illegitimacy" of the 7 years I had been the frontman become a thing.

I toured playing songs I didn't write, I toured playing songs I did write.

No one cared until the 2017 when they are still not being asked to play because of the lawsuit
Here is the timeline.
Chris Collins (under a year)
Chris R (broken ties - 2000- sept 2003)
Paul Brown (Sept 2003-July 2004)
Me - (2004-2011)

At the time in which I joined (after turning down the opportunity to tour with SR in the fall of 2003)

Joe None wasn't an original member, Danny Cahill (RIP) had not been an original member and Chris Rage had not been an original member.

If you don't wish to go to East Coast Tsunami - stay home and cry on the internet about it.

If you want to see me sing songs I sang all over the country and world for 7 years, then buy a ticket and I'll see you in the pit

The rest of the time between today and the show, I'll be practicing with the band that will perform as shattered realm at east coast tsunami

If you want to debate online feel free. This is all I got to say on the matter"