Dischord has been around since 1980, which means they have been doing hardcore for as long as hardcore has been in existence. Hailing such bands as Minor Threat, Fugazi, Teen Idles, Jawbox, Dag Nasty and Embrace, I don't think they put out a bad release in their entire time. This label was at the forefront of the DIY movement, recording, producing and distributing all of their own albums and selling everything at a discount to give a big middle finger to the corporate distributors that strangled money out of the music scene in the 80s and 90s. Growing up, Fugazi and Minor Threat were two of my favorite bands and introduced me to a whole world of DC punk and hardcore that I was unaware of prior to hearing them. Their raw emotion and musical stylings taught me that society really has nothing for people like me, but there is always unity and acceptance in the underground music scene. This is something that has rung true through my journeys of throwing DIY shows, creating websites and promoting everything under the sun, and I have the memories of a lot of amazing music to carry me through tougher times. We've said enough, so now it's time for you to go check it out.