Offers BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS on the new track, "'33440' is the most dynamic song on the album. Musically it's unlike anything we have ever done before, thus making it somewhat stand out. Lyrical introspection concerns control and interaction, metaphorically speaking of a reclusive blind serial killer who strangles his victims but struggles to deal with the fact nobody really cares they are dying."

Toilet Ov Hell provides with the song's public debut, "as filthy as this concoction may be, it's also expertly crafted on both a musical and technical level. It can go from a dense, sludgy feel to lightning speed in a measure or two, and the drums and guitars drip with primal malice. The distortion is laid on thick, matched in timbre by the vicious, throaty vocals and augmented by chunky bass. Recorded live without any digital assistance - no quantization, no click track, no amp modeling - it sounds absolutely fantastic. '33440' is no exception; it doubles down on the aforementioned sludge aspects, lurching forth at an ever-shifting pace and oozing slime from every orifice."