For your listening pleasure: 'In Depths of Cold Hell'! We also did an interview with Bryce, we asked some stupid questions and he answered with some masturbation talk. Here goes!


SK Chris So tell us how you REALLY feel about religion? Plaguewielder Bryce Truth is I don't give a shit about it one way or the other. More or less apathetic about the whole idea. I'm not really a dick about it anymore. Used to be in my early 20's. When I was a little guy I went to Catholic school and wanted to be a priest. Can't make this shit up. Went to bible camps and shit. My bass player and live drummer went to Catholic schools as well. Most of Dan's (bass) family has disowned him because he "doesn't believe" I got over the whole idea of it when my teachers told me I was going to hell for listening to heavy music. Also told I was going to hell for masturbating. So anytime I would jerk off id cry after because I thought I would burn in hell. Like I said, I can't make this shit up. Obviously, that shit bothered me as a kid. Which is hilarious now. I just didn't get how a grown up at the time could tell a kid he's going to burn in hell. Still don't. Who gives a fuck either way. I'd settle for sleep. SK Let's just say all this biblical bullshit is true and one day the heavens and hell are ripped asunder and some sort of apocalyptic mayhem starts. What are you doing at that moment? PW getting high jerking off and passing out. SK 'In Depths of Cold Hell', when you're referring to a mass grave, what is the inspiration for this? Is this a historical event or hypothetical? PW I guess more hypothetical? Tbh I wasn't sure what that song was about when I finished writing the lyrics. When I write I usually don't overthink the meaning. If I do its like writing inside of a box and it all becomes sterile. Words just come out. But after a while of looking it over, I kinda put it all together. I would say the "mass grave" refers to the planet and people as a whole. Basically how everyone is so full of shit and narcissistic. Everyone digs their own grave in the end. Anyways no matter what I say its about someone else is gonna come up with their own answer for it. SK What's your favorite Hank song? You realize as long as you make musical you'll still never be as good as him right, and he died at 29 PW Easily Mind your own business. You're right tho. He wrote so much shit I'm such a short period of time. Fuck me right? Also a huge hank 3 fan. Hank jr has good shit. But I'm really not about Monday night fooseball or kid rock. Fuck that. SK How long did it take you to figure that the best way to come up with a band name is to borrow a song title from a band you like? PW Even though Plaguewielder is an album title. Years. SK Touche. What's the near future looking like? The new album is completed - any plans to tour and if so, any tourmates in mind? PW We will be doing weekend runs for sure. Just found a solid drummer that won't be a baby about being on the road. Probably another longer tour eventually. I book all the shows anyways. We just finished up a 10 day tour at the beginning of June with my homies in mammon (Detriot bm) honestly we plan on doing something with them again when they're ready. Haven't asked to many other people to come out with us. Id love to do a run with cape of bats or devil master both from Philly. Got some new merch coming out. Just finished writing another ep that we will be recording very soon. Hoping to have it out by the end of the year. Keyword there is "hoping" SK Worst musical / show related predicament you've ever been in? PW Fights. People stiffing us. Shitty promoters thinking they can walk up to our merch table and take what they want without paying or asking. Basic paying your dues type shit. SK Chris Tell us about any/all previous musical projects you've been involved with. PW I sang in a band with the singer in our brother band doctor smoke (oh) from the time I was 12 till about 16. Went under numerous names. Used to play guitar in some shit metalcore band after that. Played in a bdm worship band called nova prospect for about 6 years on and off. Played guitar in a band called karen page that was signed to rotten records. You know, the label that ended acid bath. After that I started recording my own shit under the name Plaguewielder, which nothing happened with. Started up another band called horse-drawn death machine with my homie from Karen Page. Quit on tour in Delaware in 2014 and started this band. This was too much bullshit to think about SK Chris You planning on more saxophones or some shit in this new album? Please say yes. PW Big fuckin no. Dude that played the sax and bass on the last album quit to be in a polka band. I have the best luck right? SK Chris The last album was a concept album - will the next follow the same pattern or will it be a disconnected jumble of horse shit? PW Disconnected jumble of horse shit. Surrender to the Void isn't a concept album like the last one. All the songs have similar themes tho. Depression, anxiety, self-hatred, suicide, cults and bullshit that no one gives a fuck about.

About Plaguewielder

Bryce Seditz (guitar/vocals) Cody Cooke (drums) Daniel Kuntz (bass) Plaguewielder is a three-piece blackened sludge outfit from a decrepit mill town in Ohio.