Let’s get the THIS IS HARDCORE hype started early! Jam out to ‘No Redemption’ by DEPARTED now!

Departed vocalist The Lord Joe Stanley took a few minutes to answer some questions regarding the new song, regarding the justice system, metal, and pissing in wheaties. Enjoy!


SK Chris So this song 'No Redemption' is from a follow-up EP to "Darkness Takes It's Throne", tell us a little bit about this release and any other future musical plans.
The Lord We wanted to keep it heavy but dabble more with the black metal elements we have, a lot more synth sounds ect.. we do have a few more songs written for possibly another full length, but haven't gotten to that yet

SK I recently saw that you actually have a beer named after you - how did that come about? Talk about great advertising.
TL They hit up Darryl our drummer and he took point on that. Obviously, I wouldn't be much help with putting together a beer. From what I understand is was Dark City Brewing Co. Idea and they brewed it with beets to make it look like blood. Pretty cool- I have the can sitting on my shelf.

SK You have always been a hardcore band but borrow heavily from Black Metal and Death Metal influences. Tell me about some of your favorite Nordic bands, their influence on your life and music.
TL My fav is Behemoth, but def into bands like Dimmu Borgir , Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral, marduk ect.. as far as death metal into dying fetus, cannibal corpse,

SK Any plans to tour in support of the EP?
TL we are doing a 3 day run in TX with Dissent and Gloves off a few other things in the works

SK You describe the new stuff as an extension of the last album and that the "Basic premise of this ep is not everyone deserves to be forgiven, people that drag you down, cut them loose. And the ones who wrong you bury them so deep the bugs can't get to them.". What makes the fires of hatred burn within you the way that they do? Who pissed in your Wheaties?
TL Honestly the whole system haha, our justice system failed those close to you and I. We have a dif set of rules we have to live by while others get passes cause of their political ties or money. We got people that talk a certain way then turn around and sue you. I could go on but probably don't have time.

SKName of some of the wildest shows you've played, and what is the formula for a crazy night in a venue. What bands do you like playing with the most and why?
TL I like playing with my friends bands, dissent, gloves off, iron price ect.. they usually have the best atmosphere and vibe for the show. Dread, On Sight some younger bands I enjoy- love playing with the legends like All Out War and Sworn Enemy we seem to play with them a lot.

SK For my own personal gain - what's the best vegan shit you've been eating lately? You try the Beyond Sausage yet?
TL I been on a mission finding dif spots that have the beyond burger or the impossible burger- recently found a spot in doylestown that had the impossible to beet burger cooked with beets and other tasty things- have not had the sausage yet. For the record, I'd take the the beyond burger anyday, more filling.

SK You can't wash the Jersey off this music - name some of the most influential NJHC and metal bands that helped forge your style?
TL FTLO, fury of v, Lifeless

SK You're playing THIS IS HARDCORE on ONE KING DOWN day (Saturday 7/28) - what does this fest mean to you and the scene?
TL We are so lucky and thankful to be playing again this year. Honestly, this fest is the one thing most bands dream about playing. For one weekend 90% of all the people I talk to on the internet are in the same spot for the same reason. For the scene, the fest is a showcase of the best bands.

SK Give us a few sentences on the state of the underground music scene in 2018, Nameless Prints, and maybe the state of the USA if you feel like getting political.

TL UG music- everything is avail within a second yet there is tons of bands that never get any attention. we rely too much on the internet. makes you wonder how bands in the 90s were able to play shows in every state- ohh yea they had to call people and talk.

NP - still going - need a bigger spot email namelessprints@yahoo.com :)

USA - I touched on it a little in the "wheaties" question but there are times I wish we could hit the reset button and people would really know what it’s like to struggle, but having been to other countries with real dictators I'd never want my child to live like that. I think people that get caught up in the left vs right need to wake up. They don't care about any of us. The only people that have your best interest in mind is yourself and if you're lucky your family.

SK Your quote about the reset button reminds me of Killer Mike from Run the Jewels "too much profit and it stays the same, you can burn the system and start again" then later in the song they just repeat "kill your masters" over and over. How much bullshit will people put up with before they do that? A lot, apparently. They keep us so busy with our need for money to survive that we have no energy for actual change.

TL Yea we are enslaved with the illusion of being free.
SK The only true free in this country are the 1%.