Culture Abuse/Gouge Away 10/9
It’s only been about a week since Gouge Away released their new album, Burnt Sugar, but they are already out on the road supporting it. The Fort Lauderdale group’s set mainly focused on track’s from that album, only digging into their catalog briefly to play their scathing condemnation on animal testing, “Uproar”. Frontwoman Christina Michelle may have expressed worry over regaining her voice on Twitter before the show, but there were no signs of that during their performance. Her ability to swing from the chaotic screams into the subdued melodies is a great highlight of the newer material. “Ghost” remains one of the strongest tracks the band has on the new album and you can see that translate in a live setting. The band’s stage presence only indicates to me more that this is the music they’ve wanted to play and are embracing it full on. I look forward to catching these guys again soon, as well as hearing what comes down the musical pipeline next. Culture Abuse made their entrance to a stage littered in their own branded balloons, which made for some fun crowd activity during soundcheck. The crowd activity didn’t stop throughout the set, with some jumping while others kept the ballon volley going. Frontman David Kelling dislocated his knee at the beginning of the tour, but you wouldn’t know it with his commanding presence on the microphone. The band played a fair mix of material from new album Bay Dream and 2016’s Peach, which melded well in the set. The Burnt Sugar tour rolls on through Boston tonight, and the duo will remain on tour through Europe at the end of the month. You can catch Gouge Away back in Philly on 11/29 with Drug Church at Kung Fu Necktie.