Terror/Harms Way Voltage Lounge

Photos by Alex Atamian
Alex Atamian on Twitter

On the final night of the Total Retaliation Tour, Terror and Harms Way headlined a PACKED show at Voltage Lounge in Philly. I made my way into the venue just as Year Of The Knife was setting up, but it was clear by the attendance that people showed up early to catch Hangman and Candy start things off. My first exposure to Year Of The Knife was during their set at this summer’s This Is Hardcore, and it was definitely one of the more intense sets that weekend. On this night it was no different, and the intensity kept up with Long Island hardcore vets Backtrack.

Harms Way began this tour with tragedy, as their entire trailer containing equipment and march was stolen in a parking lot in Las Vegas. The hardcore community quickly rallied to assist the band in recouping what was lost through a GoFundMe campaign, and they soldiered on through the tour never skipping a beat. Their set was mainly comprised of tracks off of last year’s Posthuman, dipping into previous album Rust and ending with “Scrambled” from their album Isolation. Hearing "Temptation" done live was a sight to behold, as frontman James Pligge spends a majority of the song in a restrained delivery, yelling versus beating the audience down with his guttural bark. The intensity builds into a crushing breakdown that is more effective live then on the record.

And if that was the end of a show, it would be a fantastic night out at a hardcore show. But Terror had yet to grace the stage, in support of their crushing new record Total Retaliation. The stage dives were at an all time high for the entirety of the set, and I even put myself in the chaos as they opened with “One With The Underdogs”. Frontman Scott Vogel orchestrated the chaos throughout the set, encouraging the packed crowd to move up close to the stage and keep diving. New tracks like “This World Never Wanted Me” were met with the same enthusiasm as tried and true favorites like “Lowest Of The Low” and “Keepers Of The Faith”. Overall, Terror ended the tour with a bang, Vogel sending us home proclaiming he’s excited to be chilling on his couch. Hardcore lives.