Unearth are out on tour in support of their upcoming record Extinction(s), and last night the Massachusetts metal vets descended upon Voltage Lounge. While the crowd had many moments of intensity earlier in the evening for main support Fit For An Autopsy, the energy peaked as Unearth opened their set with a duo of new tracks, “Incinerate” and “Survivalist”. The well received tracks are a great indicator of how heavy and fantastic the new album is going to be, which I will be reviewing in the coming days, but I digress.

Unearth’s stage presence has always been a highlight for myself, with guitarists Buzz McGrath and Ken Susi jumping and running around like maniacs while shredding complicated leads and chugging rhythms. Having been a band since 1998, I was initially exposed to Unearth during their second stage performance on Ozzfest 2004. A majority of the second stage lineup has essentially become heavy music mainstays in today’s scene.

Vocalist Trevor Phipps commanded the crowd’s attention by orchestrating circle pits and sharing the mic with ravenous fans barking in the front row. The newer rhythm section comprised of bassist Chris O’Toole and drummer Nick Pierce have been with the band since the previous album cycle for 2014’s Watchers Of Rule, and have fully congealed with the band for a tight performance.

Even when encountering minor technical difficulties with bad microphones and Susi’s rig crapping out towards the end of the set, they managed to recover and end triumphantly with The Oncoming Storm favorite, “The Great Dividers”. Fans of the band will definitely be into the new album, stay tuned in the coming days for my review. Extinction(s) will be released on November 23 via Century Media.

Here is a shitty 15 second video of "My Will Be Done" because my camera crapped out, but you get the idea.