While many would be daunted at the challenge of following such a monolithic piece as their previous album, Triangle, Hearts Of No Light shows the band at the zenith of their formative powers. Presented over nine tracks, Hearts Of No Light lays its foundation in the heights of their past work while presenting their most flowing and organic approach to date - jet-black at its core while vast and expansive in experimentation. Hearts Of No Light presents the boldest statement from SCHAMMASCH to date.

Rays Like Razors, the first single from Hearts Of No Light, is premiering exclusively at Metal Hammer. Featuring a video visualiser curated by SCHAMMASCH and the SAROS Collective, you can experience it right here.

SCHAMMASCH mastermind C.S.R commented on the new work: “It's been a bit over two years now since the "Hermaphrodite" record was released, and well over (adequately) three years since the release of "Triangle", today a new chapter begins for Schammasch, one with realigned focus, that is stripped of aged skin, under a darkness that burns vividly. "Hearts Of No Light" opens a new cycle of work, spreading a different kind of rays.”

Hearts Of No Light is available now for pre-order, including exclusive limited vinyl colours and t-shirt bundles. Pre-order here.

Track List & album art -

1. Winds That Pierce The Silence
2. Ego Sum Omega
3. A Bridge Ablaze
4. Qadmon‘s Heir
5. Rays Like Razors
6. I Burn Within You
7. A Paradigm Of Beauty
8. Katabasis
9. Innermost, Lowermost Abyss

Hearts Of No Light celebrates and showcases artistic collaboration with appearances from classical pianist Lillian Liu, which added new dimensions to two pieces on the album. ‘I Burn With You’ features lyrical / vocal guest Aldrahn (formerly Dødheimsgard / Thorns). Visionary visual artist and musician Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori, Throane, Ovtrenoir) also contributes to the sprawling final track ‘Innermost, Lowermost Abyss’.

Hearts Of No Light features artwork by C.S.R / SAROS Collective and photography by renowned photographer Ester Segarra. The vinyl will be presented as a double gatefold LP in several variants and the CD will be a housed in a 6 panel digi-pak.

Since their inception in 2009, Switzerland’s SCHAMMASCH have blazed a path of creative evolution. Never restricted by the black metal genre from which they were birthed, their promethean spirit can be charted musically, artistically and philosophically throughout their three previous albums and became most evident on their landmark triple album Triangle, released in 2016. Following touring with the likes of Rotting Christ, Secrets Of The Moon and Naglfar, plus special appearances across Europe at festivals including Inferno Festival in Oslo, Hellfest, Metal Days Slovenia, Summer Breeze and the prestigious House of The Holy event, SCHAMMASCH will make their North American debut at the DECIBEL MAGAZINE Metal & Beer Festival in Los Angeles in December 2019. Upon their return, they will premiere material from Hearts Of No Light to a European audience on tour with esteemed Belgian black metal legion Enthroned.