Check out the new video for "Dark Visions" by In Cold Blood from 'Legion of Angels' which was released in August 2019 on Fast Break Record! You can buy the album here.


With a violent attack on the human condition, Cleveland legends In Cold Blood make it clear that they have returned to settle unfinished business. Formed in 96 to combat popular hardcore trends, the band has consistently grown to avoid the pitfalls of hardcore. Legions Of Angels writes a devastatingly dark new chapter that stays true to the bands legacy, with shredding solos and the chainsaw riffs- creating a fresh auditory brutality that feels like pure pain and destruction. This album easily represents their most dynamic work since their debut release on Victory Records in 1998.

Track Listing:

1. Dark Visions

2. The Wretched Souls

3. No More Lies

4. Slipping Into Senility

5. Reaper

6. In Trance

7. So Many Heavens

8. Omega

9. Hell Hallow