From their Bandcamp:

Brutal deathgrind from Pittsburgh with ex-members of Firstdaydead, Acolyte, Prostitution, Shiro-Ishii, Hurtpiece, Meth Quarry, & Officeworker. 16 minutes of blasting & grooving creative chaos fueled by anime, manga, comics, video games, TV shows, movies, and books. Reviving the late 90's & early 2000's Pittsburgh style with new twists.

For fans of: As The Sun Sets (1st album), Discordance Axis, Deeds of Flesh, The Locust, Nasum, Living Sacrifice, Pyaemia, Internal Bleeding, Burnt By The Sun, Soils of Fate, & Severe Torture

Physical copies coming soon! (CD & Vinyl)**


released February 28, 2020


Chris Smith - Guitars, Visuals, Lyrics

Jason Spence - Blasts, Percussion, Samples

Adam Bailey - Vocals, Lyrics

Evan Kunkle - Bass