(cough cough) I mixed this fantastic cover of Weird Al's "Dare To Be Stupid" and there is plenty more where that came from in the future. Check it out and support the efforts on Patreon!!!!

SURPRISE WHEAT THINS! WE COVERED WEIRD AL WITH Mutoid ManKhemmis, Thou, and Weird Al Vira! This is part of 2M2LN’s brand new video series where we cover songs with our favorite artists from the comfort of our own homes. We have also redone our patreon so that all support goes to fund these videos and the artists that participate (honorableswords.com). We had this idea before the outbreak, it was happenstance that this is good platform for artists to perform and make some money in this rough rough time. We have a few more being edited now but the more support we get the more of these we can make. Thank you!