We spoke with Travis of the Bad Ups regarding this new band and here's what he had to say:

SK: First and foremost, how are you coping with the current situation with Covid-19? Is the band practicing, and if so how do you manage it? Any special streaming events planned?

TM: So we are all trying to do a part as far as social distancing goes, so I haven’t really seen bandmates from any of bands very much. Especially with thing s changing everyday we don’t wanna break any rules ...haha

SK: Tell me a little bit about SPIRIT FLAW, the members, former bands, etc.

TM: So theyre mostly folks I grew up with...we all have always jammed over the years and now fate has finally brought us together on a real project. Josh, the drummer, used to play in a skate punk band back in the day called “Macbeth”, christian (guitarist) played in a band called “And Now The Weather”, I’m not sure Ben(bass) has been in an active band yet so this is rad for them! I’ve been playing around awhile in The American Myth, McGuires Mob, Activate, Guillotine, and The Bad Ups!

SK: How did Spirit Flaw come to be? How did you end up getting involved with this band and how will this affect The Bad Ups? What are the short term plans for keeping this going during such a strenuous period?

TM: Christian and josh moved to philly and wanted to get something together finally, so they linked up with Ben and started writing. Christian hit me up when they were looking for a vocalist, sent me riffs, and I was instantly like “yeahhhh I’m doin that!” Lol... I’m the type of person who needs to be doing multiple things to keep my brain in motion...so if anything, I think it will help me with the bad ups. As far as writing goes I like to have many angles to the process. As far as staying busy with both, I’m not to worried about it. Bad ups are pretty mellow with playing shows right now, and when a tour comes up, go do it, and get back on the grind with spirit flaw or vice versa. 

SK: Tell me a little bit about the Lansdale scene, who's holding it down, helping keep it going? Lansdale has always been a source of awesome times for me and it always makes me happy to see the scene thriving.

TM: Shits poppin in the Dale! The thing that keeps it thriving right now is the variety going on. So many genres and everyone’s friends so we all support eachother! It’s great. 

SK: Finally, what do you have to say to all the people listening to this right now regarding this new album?

TM: I hope y’all enjoy it, it’s new for me, but I can speak for everyone in saying We’re stoked on what we built!