Two Minutes To Late Night, the heavy metal themed talk show recently pivoted to crafting covers with members of popular bands in heavy music. The second released cover is of "Reelin In The Years" by Steely Dan and it is heavy. This follows up their previous cover of "Dare To Be Stupid" by Weird Al.

Hot Milk! We got a bunch of musicians to cover to turn a Steely Dan zinger into a mosh legend from the comfort of their own bedrooms! This is our second bedroom cover made with the support of Patreon. With so many musicians stuck at home with no outlets, we're going to keep producing these style videos and use the Patreon to give some money to everyone who has a part in them.

Nate Garrett (Spirit Adrift) Guitar and Vocals

Steve Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave In, Old Man Gloom) Vocals

Nick Cageao (Mutoid Man) Bass

Chris Maggio (High On Fire, Wear Your Wounds, Trap Them) Drum

Dave Hill (Witchtaint) Guitar and Vocals

Marissa Nadler (Solo Artist, Droneflower)

Jordan Olds (TMTLN) Vocals and Guitar