Hum has been one of my favorite bands since 1995 or so when I first heard "Stars" on 103.9 WDRE in Philly, I went right out and bought 'You'd Prefer an Astronaut' which absolutely blew me away at the time. They followed it up with 'Downward is Heavenward' which fits my definition of a perfect album, with their massive waves of sound and the elements of science, nature and simplicity that you can't really mistake for any other band.

Vocalist Matt Talbot has also been involved with Centaur, which put one album 'In Streams', and in recent years it was reported that Hum was putting out a new album and I've been waiting for that ever since. And now, here's a track recorded by Talbot while quarantined and released yesterday, enjoy!

From the site:

"Written and recorded during the Covid-19 quarantine on Thursday, April 16, in the late afternoon. The silence at the top of the song is intended. Give it time. Recorded live, first take. Lacking perfection in so many ways.

This is a fund raiser, of sorts, to help me cover ongoing mortgage, utility, and insurance obligations at my studio while it's closed. Gifts above the $2 asking price are thus thankfully accepted. Mostly, just thank you for listening. I hope this brings you some inner peace. And Happy Bicycle Day!


The air was full of wonder

But it would not transfer sound"