Wretched Empires - Bloom

Black Metal - 4/2/2020

Wretched Empires are from St. Louis, Missouri and are putting out anti-fascist black metal that sounds like it came from Europe - blackened soundscapes, folk influence, muffled drums that sound like they were recorded in a tomb, and solos and shredding among the best of the metal stuff I've heard recently.

For Fans Of: If you like Windfaerer, Void Ritual and Seas of Winter, and even more well known bands like Cradle of Filth and Panopticon you'll probably enjoy this.

Anna von Hausswolff - Dead Magic

Funeral Pop - 3/2018

Someone in my feed shared this and now I am forever grateful. The term 'Funeral Pop' describes this perfectly, it's very dark, gothic genre influenced, atmospheric and beautiful. Anna is from Gothenburg Sweden which I personally think explains a lot as this area is a hotbed for amazing Nordic music of all sorts. This is the kind of shit I could see Morticia Addams unwinding to after a long day of casting spells and conjuring demons.

For Fans Of: Myrkur, Aurora, Chelsea Wolfe, Denali, Tori Amos, Thee Heavenly Music Association, PJ Harvey

The Drowns - Under Tension

Punk Rock - 1/17/2020

People have been saying punk rock is dead for years and albums like this keep proving them to be out of touch. Not sure how I stumbled across this band but they're everything I look for: authentic, intelligent, gritty, driven by artistic creativity and not money. 'Under Tension' is a solid album from front to back and definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the Hot Water Music / Off With Their Heads brands of punk, Plenty of more modern punk influence but still the fast, aggressive sounds of the streets.

For Fans Of: The Sainte Catherines, Off With Their Heads, Nothington, the Flatliners, Lawrence Arms

Greet Death - A New Hell

Genre: Alternative - 11/8/2019

Saved the best for last, also saw this in a friend's feed and I've been listening to it ever since. Pretty sure the band copped their name from the Explosions in the Sky song title 'Greet Death', and the name matches the vibe of the band, which is overwhelming levels of melancholy with layered alternative influence that would have been absolutely huge in 1994. This is a follow up to 'Dixieland', their incredible first album. This album is a heartfelt journey through about every emotion or thought a human could have, their melodic and darker approach are completed by unique vocals. The last song leaves me devastated every time:

Is this the last dance? Is this the real thing?

Is this a new hell? Are you my bad dream?

Here comes the last dance, here comes the real thing

Here comes a new hell, you are my bad dream

For Fans Of: Nothing, Hum, The Melvins, Beach Slang