STEEL NATION have been around since 2005 and in that time have released 5 albums, this will be their sixth and we are happy to bring you this new track and will provide the rest of the album information when it is available. We also asked drummer Ethan Raese a few questions regarding this album, enjoy.

Stereokiller (SK): How is everything, how are you holding up / staying busy with this pandemic going on? How has it changed the way you work as a band / unit?

Steel Nation (SN): Things since the pandemic and the shelter in place order have certainly been interesting. As far as myself, I have been fine keeping busy with reading, music, lifting and being forced in to watching trashy TV shows. Work has been sort of nonexistent for me but some of the other guys are still working so we are all getting by. It certainly could be worse for us. As bad as it sounds, things haven’t changed too much for us as a band. Since we live all over PA we really don’t get together all too often to practice. If anything, because of the uncertainty of the world, we’ve actually been staying in a little better contact while we plan what to do in the future. Some new riffs have also been passed around a little so maybe we’ll have more music to work on as soon as we can meet back up.

SK: Has the pandemic sped up the process of releasing this album or was this planned beforehand for this time?

SN: Nothing with our band is every really sped up. It was more of a coincidence with how the timing worked out. There still isn’t a solid release date yet and I am not too sure when there will be one but hopefully by the late summer/early fall we will have our record out. We actually finished recording this record months ago but it just took some time before we Knives Out wanted to release it.

SK: Tell us a little about this new album and these new songs - when it will be fully released,etc.

SN: I feel these new songs are just us progressing as a band, musicians and as people. We never want to write the same album over but we also want to keep the style that we have been doing as a band since day one. As far as my drumming on the songs goes, I just always try and think of how I can add all my musical influences in to an album. Neil will come up with a riff and I may think what would a drummer like Steve Nesbitt or Darren Morgenthaler do here or what is going to add a real pulse to the riff to create movement and feeling. With each new album I just find ways to get more of my influences into each track and I think that is how everyone approaches the song writing process.

SK: Do you plan on a tour to support the new album when this is all over? Also are you planning any live streaming events?

SN: We will for sure be back to playing shows. It would be nice to tour. I think the days of our 30 day US tours are over but it would be nice to get out for a week or so and try and get back to Europe. I won’t say a live stream event is completely out of the possibility but we are usually pretty bad with technology so I would say it is unlikely. We do have quite a lot of time on our hands now so maybe we will figure something out.

SK: Lastly, what do you have to say to the people listening to these new tracks?

SN: I am not too sure if there is much to say other than just check it out. We as musicians never really tried to go out and make music for other people. Expressing our selves was always the main priority and it is just an awesome bonus that what we do has some impact on other people.