Traversing guitar-driven indie pop and call-to-action impulse, Spice balances their urgency by interspersing violin melodies and layers, creating depth without oversaturating. The treatment of each song is a statement that informs the whole - anecdotes that can bleed slowly or swirl quickly. In a sense, the self-titled album itself is an entire song, with each track becoming the verses, choruses, and interludes that narrate its intent. 

Honed over late nights at Panda Studios in Fremont, California with producer Sam Pura (Basement, The Story So Far, Self Defense Family), Spice spent hours refining it until it became a little world formed by what they refer to as “the power of groupthink.” Sprinkled with field recordings—audio snapshots from the member’s every-day-lives—the record offers an intimate twist that builds on its theme of a single thread that connects everything with continuity, making it a single organism with as many depths as questions.

Spice consists of: Ross Farrar (vocals), Cody Sullivan (bass), Jake Casarotti (drums), Ian Simpson (guitar), and Victoria Skudlarek (violin). The entire band comes from the bay area (the Northbay to be exact). Most of the band resides in Santa Rosa, California, while Jake Casarotti lives in Rohnert Park and Ross Farrar lives in Los Angeles. SPICE IS PAIN.