After hearing quite a few other projects from my friends John Wren and Josh Mahesh, hearing about this unrelenting 12 minute grindfest left me intrigued, and now we can all enjoy! They pack an awful lot of anger, aggression and content into those 12 minutes.

From the band: "Selfish Lover is a social political, with a hint of humor, grindcore/powerviolence project that is over 2 years in the making. The band features members of Bottomfeeder, Heikousen, and Thy Art Is Murder. The concept began simply as a passing statement of “we should do a grind band” while vocalist John Wren and guitarist/brains behind the operation, Josh Mahesh, were watching Sweden’s Gadget on their last US tour. For the next year the talk would continue with Josh writing the occasional demo track in his spare time. Eventually Wren and Mahesh were able to convince Jesse Baehler, whose resume is too long to type here, to knock out the drums for this and Selfish Lover was finally born. With Jesse touring with Thy Art Is Murder and Wren and Mahesh tied up with their trash band, Final Judgement, the laziest recording schedule in the history of recording took place over the entire year of 2019. Finally, after Len Carmichael, of Landmine Sound, was able to work his magic, the debut EP Voluntary Human Extinction is here. 

In regards to the album. We thought about sitting on it because when we finally were done with the recording, mixing, and mastering the coronavirus reared it’s ugly head and put the music world at a standstill. While it probably would be smarter hold off and wait this thing out, then just blast full force with the album release and start playing out, we’re too proud and have been waiting too long to not put this out there. Plus with tons of bands opting to wait, we figured everyone could use some new music anyway and, at worst, you’ll only lose 12 minutes of your life on this. Inspired by the likes of Pig Destroyer, Rotten Sound, Nails, Infest, and some of our own weirdness, the album will feature 11 songs and will release digitally on May 15th. In the meantime, here is a two song teaser to give everyone a quick 2 minute taste of what is to come. The song “Full Of Shit” is about anyone that tries to recruit or discredit any other religion from their own. While I have my own spiritual beliefs, at the end of the day we could all be completely wrong. So if no one is hurting you, shut up about it. The 2nd track “Selfish Lover” was written when California was on fire, recorded when Australia was on fire and the US was inching closer to WWII with North Korea and Iran, and is being released during a global pandemic. It’s a fitting commentary on man’s decimation of the Earth. We humans are the selfish lover in this abusive relationship."