Based out of Richmond Indiana, Carrion Vael recently signed with Philly's Horror Pain Death Gore Records and we were able to discuss the new album with Travis, the vocalist.

SK = Stereokiller, CV = Travis of Carrion Vael

SK: First, hello and thanks for your time, Introduce yourself and tell us a little about the band.

CV: Hello, I’m Travis, vocalist for Carrion Vael. Carrion Vael is a 4 piece melodic death metal band from the Midwest. If you like blast beats, you may like us!

SK: Tell us a little about 'God Killer', was the release affected by the Covid outbreak in any way or was this the original plan for release? Tell us a little about the content of the record, obviously it's based around your personal feelings about religion and God which I can definitely relate to.

CV: Much like everyone else, our lives have taken a back seat to this outbreak. That certainly includes the release of “God Killer”. We recognize that people are going through much worse, and we feel lucky to have good people in our corners. “God Killer” has moments that reflect our personal feelings towards religion, but the album is ultimately a loose representation of the Jack Parsons story. Parsons was a rocket engineer and renown Thelemit occult leader. In 1945 Parsons attempted to summon the scarlot woman of Babylon through a magical ritual known as “Babylon Working” along side L. Ron Hubbard. Parsons believed that he and the scarlet woman would bore the antichrist who would bring forth the end of existence. “God Killer” is my take on that.

SK: How does this album stand up to Resurrection Of The Doomed, an impressive thrashfest to say the least?

CV: Resurrection of the doomed is an album we are proud of, but one we knew we could raise the ante on. “God Killer” is more intense, faster, heavier, and it represents the future of our music. One difference I believe people will hear right off, is the drumming. This is our drummer Chris’s first album with us, and he absolutely destroys, and it made a huge difference on the whole album.

SK: How did you end up with Horror Pain Death Gore? Great spot to end up for any metal band.

CV: Our manager Rob presented us to them and they were interested. We knew a good opportunity when we saw it and it’s been fantastic so far. Great label and great dudes there.

SK: Do you have any plans to do any live stream support or record release promo for the new album since touring might not be an option for a while? 

CV: yeah, absolutely. We are playing this whole thing by ear. We just feel like there are too many unknowns, and not enough absolute information to make absolute decisions. However, we’ve invested into the ability to do high-quality video and audio streaming, so that’s part of the plan for sure. We can’t wait for live shows and to hit the road again!

SK: Finally, any additional words for the people listening to this right now?

CV: Thank you for everything! We hope you enjoy “God Killer” and we can’t wait to see you out on the road!  


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Richmond Indiana's melodic Death/Thrash beasts Carrion Vael. The new album "God Killer" is up now for pre-order and will be released June 19th on CD and Digital formats. Below is the official description:

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Carrion Vael to the roster with the new album "God Killer"! Hailing from Richmond Indiana, Carrion Vael formed in 2017 and execute skillfully crafted melodic Death/Thrash. Taking aspects of both technical and traditional Death Metal, "God Killer" contains eight memorable tracks that showcase catchy riffs, fanatic drums and haunting vocal patterns with blazing intensity. Carrion Vael seamlessly blend elements of Swedish melodic Death Metal into this formula resulting in a fine tuned, extreme slab of sheer brutality! For fans of Arsis, At The Gates, The Black Dahlia Murder, Carcass, Darkest Hour, Exhumed, The Faceless and Wretched


Track Listing

  1. Inception
  2. Strokes Of A Goya
  3. Black Chariot
  4. Something Soulless
  5. Waratah Blooms
  6. Moonchild Ritual
  7. La Fin Du Monde
  8. Psalm Of Lies