Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed newly formed Cybergrind act Locust Reign. The debut EP "Downfall" is up now for pre-order and will be released June 26th as a Digital AlbumBelow is the official description:

Locust Reign make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new EP "Downfall"! Featuring members of Leachate and Sleep Torture, Locust Reign unleash six blistering tracks of Cybergrind featuring shredding guitar riffs and screeching banshee vocals. "Downfall" is everything you hate about the world around you... and the soundtrack to the world on fire during a bad acid trip! Intense Grindcore for fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Vile Intent and Crossed Out.

Pre-order the Digital Download for only $5.55 at https://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/downfall


1. Mantle Piece

2. May COVID Kill You

3. Public Monster

4. Leeches

5. Big Cat Rescue

6. James Garretson