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TRACK STREAM - 07/30/2020
VISCERAL VIOLATION stream new track 'En Un Coastal' from upcoming "Carnival Cannibal"!
Marylands Visceral Violation recently signed to Horror Pain Death Gore Records in Philly and are now set to release "Carnival Cannibal" on 8/14/2020 - check out a new single streaming now!
TRACK STREAM - 06/18/2020
LOCUST REIGN stream crushing new EP 'Downfall'
Locust Reign is a grind project from North Carolina that presumably borrowed their name from the Converge song. Check out six absolutely devastating tracks from the new EP DOWNFALL now, to be released June 26th!
TRACK STREAM - 05/26/2020
CARRION VAEL stream new track 'Something Soulless', discuss new album 'God Killer'
Check out the new ripper from the melodic death / thrashers from Richmond Indiana! New album 'God Killer' to be released 6/19.
TRACK STREAM - 05/01/2020
New grindcore band SELFISH LOVER unleash two rippers!
The band features members of Bottomfeeder, Heikousen, and Thy Art Is Murder, and will be releasing the debut EP Voluntary Human Extinction soon!
TRACK STREAM - 04/27/2020
STEEL NATION stream new song '2 Many times' + a quick interview!
Central PA's hardcore mainstay STEEL NATION just dropped a new song '2 Many Times' from the upcoming album "The Big Sleep" and answer a few questions regarding the new album.
TRACK STREAM - 04/01/2020
SPIRIT FLAW stream new track 'No Escape' from upcoming demo!
Members of various bands from Lansdale, PA including the Bad Ups and other came together to make a hardcore album, here's the result!
TRACK STREAM - 03/29/2020
THE BAD UPS release two new songs, stream acoustic set!
The Bad Ups are a punk rock band from Lansdale PA that has been making a name for themselves with hard work and plenty of shows!
TRACK STREAM - 03/10/2020
BARFIGHT CHAMPS stream new song 'Fallen Angels'!
Boston's own Barfight Champs have returned with a catchy, gritty album 'Outside of the Law' and we are happy to bring you the second single 'Fallen Angels'.
TRACK STREAM - 03/09/2020
GLOVES OFF release new single "By A Thread"!
"By A Thread" is an incredibly personal deep reflection of the struggles to overcome the temptation resist instantaneous, gratifying choices.
TRACK STREAM - 10/29/2018
The Muted Man Debuts "VIII"
Instrumental metal/rock act The Muted Man has debuted the first track off of his upcoming EP (V-VIII)
TRACK STREAM - 12/06/2017
Belligerent (NJ) streams new album "Hostile"!
Check out a fresh album from Gloucester City NJ's Belligerent, streaming their entire new album "Hostile" now!
TRACK STREAM - 04/17/2017
CHEECH from Boston premiere two new songs!
Featuring two new songs from the digital release 'Old Friends' through WTF Records in Europe!
TRACK STREAM - 04/10/2017
DEPARTED stream new song!
Heavy Hitting NJ Powerhouses DEPARTED are back with a brand new record on ZFast Break! Records and we are super stoked to bring you the title track - "Darkness Takes It's Throne"! The album comes out worldwide 4/28, pre-order here!
TRACK STREAM - 06/29/2015
Against the Grain premiere "Run For Your Life"
Jumpstart your week with this kick in the ass from Against the Grain. "Run For Your Life" is off ATG's 4th full length album "Road Warriors" out Friday, July 31st.
TRACK STREAM - 06/19/2015
WATERTANK stream new song 'Contrails'!
WATERTANK from France will be releasing their second album "Destination Unknown" on Solar Flare records on 6/29, and we are stoked to bring you the track 'Contrails'! Fresh off some shows with Torche, this band is making a name for itself! Check out the new song now, and view the multiple options and bundles HERE.
TRACK STREAM - 04/15/2015
ICHOR stream new album"Depths"!
ICHOR's 'Depths' is out now on Bastardized Recordings. After slaying European fans with their vicious brand of modern Death Metal, the German quintet is now offering aural decimation to North and South American fans. Check them out now!
TRACK STREAM - 04/15/2015
CETUS streaming new track!
This local band hasn't put out anything for a while so honestly I was surprised to hear they had some new music for us - and you to check out! Check out the song "Jackal in Stasis" from the new album "The Remnant Mass" - it's also a free download!
TRACK STREAM - 04/15/2015
OUTRE streaming entire new album now!
Ghost Chants is a twisted beast of an album. The first full-length from Poland’s Outre, its thirty-five-minute duration is a mindtrip of the highest order and a surefire highlight in Poland’s black metal of this decade so far. The seven tracks each possess individual character, and yet amount to more than the sum of their parts: “Vengeance” is a blistering romp enhanced by a similar triumphant stride to that of their compatriots in Behemoth, while “Shadow” touches on the crazed mania of Deathspell Omega, while “Equilibrium” stirs in a writhing primordial ooze of riffs from Damian Igielski. The work of drummer Maciej Pelczar is simply stellar, whether in relentless double-bass or rumbling grooves of “Lament”.
TRACK STREAM - 03/31/2015
IRON PRICE streams new demo!
Our friends in IRON PRICE have just recently finished their 2015 demo, recorded by Len Carmichael of Bottomfeeder and many other projects, and I have to say I'm impressed. A little sludgy, heavy as hell, and something new. Get into this, I could see them doing big things.
TRACK STREAM - 01/09/2015
OPUL stream new track 'Presence'!
This Winter, Nefarious Industries will proudly release the latest EP from solo act OPUL, the solo outing by Matt Lupo of East Of The Wall. Having been a main part of the morphing entity which transformed from The Postman Syndrome in the early 2000s, and into what is East of The Wall Today, guitarist and vocalist Matt Lupo has stepped outside of all previous and current band entities, to organically formulate this expansive solo EP under the moniker OPUL, entitled Levels. Check it out now!
TRACK STREAM - 01/07/2015
Deteriorist stream new album 'CVLT STATVS' in full!
Our friends in Deteriorist have just self released an EP called CVLT STATVS, check it out now! For fans of Converge, Deftones, Buried Inside and many more.
TRACK STREAM - 11/25/2014
CRETIN streaming new song 'Mister Frye, the Janitor Guy' now!
The band is at it once again, preparing the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album entitled 'Stranger'. Self-recorded in early 2014, 'Stranger' is a perverted homage to the glory days of proto-grind and raw, depraved death metal that is more sick and twisted than anything they have recorded before. With 'Stranger' Cretin have perfected the lo-fi stylings of Repulsion, Pungent Stench and early Napalm Death while furthering their own unique brand of utterly deviant extreme metal.
TRACK STREAM - 10/29/2014
Rock Bottom streaming new 7'' now!
Our friends in ROCK BOTTOM have a new 7" coming out 11/11 on Fast Break! Records, and we couldn't be happier to feature it for you! 5 songs of vicious, hateful metal tinged hardcore! Pre-Order the album on their page, and check out
TRACK STREAM - 10/02/2014
WIVES stream new album!
Hailing from Lansdale PA, WIVES debuted a few years back and have been playing around the area, and now release their third album - WVS! Dirty, honest punk rock.