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VIDEO PREMIERE - 05/09/2020
RICKY FITZ releases new video "Rappers Never Die"
Representing my hometown of Phoenixville, local artist Ricky Fitz releases a new video from his upcoming project "Ye3891aR"!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 02/26/2020
Brain Stem release lyric video for "Digitally Enshrined"
Experimental Death Metal quartet Brain Stem is proud to announce the release of concept EP Symptoms of Annihilation - Stage 2 on 3/20.
VIDEO PREMIERE - 02/14/2020
IN COLD BLOOD premiere video for 'Dark Visions'
In Cold Blood returns with an metallic shredfest from their latest album "Legion of Angels"!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/08/2014
Video Premiere - Forever a Vendetta - 'Tragedy'!
SK is pleased to bring you the new video from Forever a Vendetta, a hardcore band from Massachusetts! This video kills it, make sure you share this with your friends that like hardcore music!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/04/2014
Live Sets - Keystone Jam II - 3/1/2014
Have you ever seen Lord Ezec stage dive? You will now. We have full sets from Ramallah, Wisdom In Chains, Harms Way, Lifeless, Sheer Terror and 100 Demons. What a fucking night. Share these!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 04/21/2013
Lifeless NLFTW - Live at Reverb in Reading PA
One of our people was present at the Death Threat show at Reverb in Reading PA and caught a lot of video, including Lifeless, one of the current hardest bands from our area right now. We got about 25 minutes of their set, check it out!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/12/2013
Skarhead live at Reverb 3/2/2013 - Keystone Jam
Lord Ezec and Skarhead came to the Keystone Jam in Reading PA with their usual energy and played an great set. Check this out now!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/12/2013
The Menzingers - Full set filmed at Reverb in Reading PA
I was lucky enough to catch the entire set last Sunday, they played really well. So much fun. I was able to get a good angle by attaching my camera to something near the ceiling, which was necessary due to the low stage. Good sound, good quality, check it out now!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/08/2013
Ringworm - Full set from Keystone Jam
Prior to our interview with them, they absolutely killed it on stage. We caught almost the whole set, and it turned out great. Check it out now!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/08/2013
H2O - Brief Live set from the Keystone Jam 3/2 at Reverb in Reading PA
We only caught ten minutes of this set due to battery issues, but what we did get turned out pretty good! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more videos!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/07/2013
Terror - Live set from the Keystone Jam 3/2 at Reverb in Reading PA
Here is a good chunk of the set from Terror from the recent Keystone Jam, this show and footage turned out very well so share it with all fans of this band! Next fest coming up at Reverb - EAST COAST TSUNAMI
VIDEO PREMIERE - 03/06/2013
Wisdom in Chains - live set from Keystone Jam - Reading PA 3/2
We had several people catching sets at this show, which has bands like Ringworm, Skarhead, Terror, H20, Wisdom in Chains and several others. Stay tuned for the rest of the video, posting it as I can clean it up!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 07/10/2012
Video Premiere: Beak - 'Billions of Eyes'
We are extremely excited to bring you the premiere of the new video from Beak - a band that will defy most labels and genres that you attempt to put on them. This song is my personal favorite from the album "Eyrie" which in my opinion has gone quite unnoticed in the scene. Check out the video now!
VIDEO PREMIERE - 04/15/2012
New Converge Song - 'Empty on The Inside'
Our own Mark Devito attended the show at Union Transfer in Philly and was lucky enough to score footage of a new song - 'Empty on the Inside'. Also stay tuned for a few other songs that he captured, we will be putting them up on our Youtube Channel