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BAND OF THE DAY - 02/28/2020
NARAKAH stream new album 'Dark Light District'
From Pittsburgh PA, Narakah is easily the heaviest thing I've heard today!
BAND OF THE DAY - 06/18/2018
The Muted Man - (I-IV)
Instrumental metal/rock for fans of Russian Circles, Pelican, or This Will Destroy You.
BAND OF THE DAY - 04/21/2018
Sleep - The Sciences
This came out yesterday on 4/20, we just didn't have time to evaluate until today. that being said, this album is amazing and fulfills all the promises that a Sleep album could possibly promise. Full listen inside.
BAND OF THE DAY - 04/13/2018
Drug Bust - Local Philly Area HC
Here's a Friday the 13th special - Old school influenced hardcore from Montco/Philly - in the vein of Gorilla Biscuits. This young band has a lot of potential and we will see how they progress! We are exclusively streaming the new single "Outside" today!
BAND OF THE DAY - 03/02/2018
Brother Hawk release new track 'Quittin Time'
We here at SK are huge fans of Brother Hawk, they played a show for us up here in Phoenixville and we're also stoked to see them next Friday the 9th at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly. Check out "Quittin' Time" streaming now!
BAND OF THE DAY - 02/21/2018
Rotten Sound stream new album 'Suffer to Abuse'
This is one of my favorite grind bands, and this album absolutely shreds. Whenever anyone asks what they sound like, my simple response is "throw a few babies in a blender and record it".
BAND OF THE DAY - 01/25/2018
Nathan Gray
Of Boysetsfire fame, Nathan has branched out to do a highly successful solo career and I have followed him for quite some time. He recently released a new album called "Feral Hymns", loaded with raw, emotional tracks and heartfelt lyrics. And personally, he's a pretty solid dude, very intelligent.
BAND OF THE DAY - 01/25/2018
Elder - Reflections of a Floating World
I came across this album a few weeks ago and have been rocking it regularly. It's hard to describe in any way other than epic, the songs are ten+ minutes each. Groove laden doom/rock style with prog influence in the vein of the Sword.
BAND OF THE DAY - 01/03/2018
Violent life Violent Death
North Carolina has always been a breeding ground for great metallic hardcore dating back to the Tribunal Records days, this is no exception. Check out the new EP "V" streaming now!
BAND OF THE DAY - 12/03/2017
Spotlights - Seismic
I have been rocking this album for a few weeks, and it is fantastic. For fans of Hum, Deftones, Arctic Sleep, and Failure. Very space rock influenced, with a heavy dose of shoegaze. Enjoy "Seismic"!
BAND OF THE DAY - 11/24/2017
Dead Leaves (OH, Emo)
I've had this new album "Vultures" in my collection for a while and I have really enjoyed it, and I just wanted to share it with anyone else that would appreciate it.
BAND OF THE DAY - 09/21/2017
Jason Kui
This was a pleasant surprise to find this artist today, he is extremely talented. More details inside.
BAND OF THE DAY - 09/04/2017
This band is so fucking heavy, that's about all I can say. Experimental, sludgy, at times absolutely crushing. They have been around since 1999, and have put out a very interesting catalogue to date.
BAND OF THE DAY - 07/31/2017
Pallbearer - prophets of doom!
Inside we have presented all of this amazing band's albums, if you are a fan of stoner/doom and haven't heard of this band you must be living under a rock. LIYL Sleep, Electric Wizard, The Sword.
BAND OF THE DAY - 07/27/2017
Wintersun: Finally a new album!
I was under the impression that they would be working on Time II but I kinda lost track of their progress so this album was a nice surprise. It took a few listens but it is growing on me fast! I see that he did crowdfunding to help create this and it is obviously a work of true love.
BAND OF THE DAY - 07/25/2017
DISSENT drops new video "Cycles of Hate"
Our friends in DISSENT will be playing This Is Hardcore in a few days, and what better way to get stoked for that than to watch their new video! This is a song that will be off the demo that is out soon on Fast Break Records.
BAND OF THE DAY - 07/25/2017
Converge announce new 7inch, premiere two new songs and video!
Converge just announced a new 7 inch album called "I Can Tell You About Pain", which you can pre-order here. Listen to two new songs from the album and check out the video inside!
BAND OF THE DAY - 07/08/2017
If you don't miss something this summer, don't miss "In Case You Missed It". This album was put out 4/28 and I am just hearing it recently, but this is some really good stuff. For fans of older emo, good rock, or just good music in general.
BAND OF THE DAY - 07/06/2017
Decryer announce new Video, Tour!
We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Decryer’s new music video for their song “The Messenger” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming full-length album, which is scheduled to be released through Lost Glacier Records!
BAND OF THE DAY - 07/03/2017
Gileah Taylor
I heard this singer/songwriter originally on the 13 Reasons Why and she grabbed my attention with ethereal music and strong and beautiful vocals, so I checked out the album and it has been in my playlist for a few weeks, so I figured I'd share it! For fans of Shoegaze/Dreampop (Belly, Azure Ray, Minipop) or anything along those lines.
BAND OF THE DAY - 06/28/2017
Integrity (OH)
Everyone that knows anything about hardcore has heard of long time legends Integrity. I am listening to this new album "Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume" and this absolutely RIPS. This is some of their most vicious, brutal work to date. Street date is 7/14 on Relapse records so get your copy!
BAND OF THE DAY - 06/23/2017
Melvins Stream New Song 'What's Wrong With You'
The Melvins are releasing a new double album "A Walk With Love & Death" are one of those bands that can pretty much do no wrong, producing amazing music year after year. Being the band Kurt Kobain idolized only solidifies their place in heavy rock history. And they don't disappoint with this song, it's getting us fired up to hear the rest of it!
BAND OF THE DAY - 06/12/2017
Nothington (CAL)
New album "In The End" was released in February, this band has been putting out solid music for over 10 years and this one is no exception.
BAND OF THE DAY - 06/04/2017
Mind Power (PA)
Featuring Bob Meadows from A Life Once Lost and members of Dead End Path, Ligeia and Bring The Heat... this is pretty awesome, reminds me of the Hops Conspiracy a little and still has the DJent-y feel of later ALOL stuff. Grimy, grungy metal/hardcore.