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IN-DEPTH - 08/03/2020
I Got Buzzed And Reviewed The New Death By Stereo Record
COVID-19 ruined my chance to see one of my favorite bands in person, so I took a different approach to reviewing their new record.
IN-DEPTH - 06/29/2017
Blasting Off with Hum and Failure
I know nobody reads these articles so I decided to have a little fun with it and document my feelings on these two bands, both of which I still believe to be underrated even though they both have amassed fairly large cult followings since they first released their respective albums in the 90s.
IN-DEPTH - 06/13/2017
The Menzigers - 'Lookers' and life 'After the Party'
Welcome to the launch of our new article series - Traffic Circle Pit - usually on the way to work I will listen to various albums, here's my thoughts on either a song, album, band, or maybe some days something not music related at all.