Seems like the bands on Harvcore take no time coming out with new records. Rock Bottom is no exception. Just a few months shy of a year from their last 7". Rock Bottom keeps swinging with "Your Demise". This record is not as evil lyrically as the last just more pissed off. "Living your life as a second opinion. Swallowing thoughts that you try to instill in. Begging and begging you pray for forgiveness. It's your demise, good riddance."

Just like the new Wrong Answer record you would have hoped Rock Bottom would have come out with some more jams. The more I think about it though four songs seems to be a hardcore standard for a 7". I guess this is as hardcore as hardcore can get.

Rock Bottom has a new singer on this record. His name Matt Karll. He is a great fit to the band. I could not tell there was a new singer until a friend told me. There is very little different from the new singer to the older one in the way their vocals sound. I hate when bands get new singer and the new singer sucks. Not Matt he is a great addition to the band.

Rock Bottom is still keeping it heavy and are still jamming Entombed and Ringworm. Keeping it straight hardcore with some crossover metal leads. Harvcore signed these guys for a reason and "Your Demise" reminds us why they keep them around.