The 90's were a special time for me. The alternative music craze had hit and I was a sucker for the bands that were putting music out under this genre. At the same time I was also getting into punk(mainly pop-punk at the time). Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Radiohead, the Breeders, Bush, Blink 182, Allister, Fenix TX among others were always in my cd player. The music reached my teenage life and definitely made me who I am today.

It seems that the Plurals also were incredibly touched by the same music as I was. They play a mix of 90's alternative and 90's era pop punk. This really brought me back. Their songs are very upbeat and enjoyable. They switch between male and female vocals much like Sonic Youth does. The guys vocals sound very much like the guy from Math the Band. The female sounds a little like the Kim Deal but her voice is a bit higher.

The song "Brains" is a slow song with the girl's melancholic voice entrancing you. This sets up the last song "Happy Songs"really well as it is an incredibly upbeat song and makes you want to dance along filling you with joy from their energy. About halfway through the song they break it down into a slow noise/ lead part with them talking over it. Very reminiscent of something Sonic Youth would do. This is the longest song here and it is by far my favorite. It embraces everything I love about this genre and greedily uses for one great finale that makes you wanting to listen again.

The grunge sound is there from the vocals down to the distorted guitars. This is a bit more upbeat and happy sounding than most grunge but had this come out in the 90's it would have fit right in with no question.

This style is great nostalgia for me. They play it well and I really enjoyed this. As I have listened to my favorite 90's bands thousands of times it is nice to have a band to experience. They play solid music on their own merits making this more than nostalgia. This is band I will be keeping an eye on. Good band and good tunes.