The Rubbish Zoo, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, is comprised of members from Save My Hero and This Isn't Congress. Their debut EP A Great Detective Race is intended to be catchy, smart indie rock. In true indie fashion, the EP was self-recorded in their own studio. The "cowboys", as they call themselves, certainly bring a unique sound to the indie rock world.

The first track is "More Ink Than An Octopus". The lead vocals immediately remind me of My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, but with less edge and anger. The song itself is poppy and upbeat, and actually sounds like something I'd listen to on vacation, with almost a tropical feel. That being said, I find it to be repetitive and simple. Moving onto "Fade", the second track. This song is really just plain. There is nothing grabbing about it, and it never really picks up. At least it's only two minutes long. The EP ends with "Gypsy Hands", a track that carries a beat reminiscent of The Get Up Kids. This is definitely the best song on the release and probably the only song that I would regularly listen to.

For an in-home recording, the production value of A Great Detective Race EP is admirable. Right now, I think the band is exploring themselves creatively, but haven't quite figured out how to effectively mix their innovative juices. I don't love it, I don't hate it. The Rubbish Zoo certainly has potential. Here's to hoping they exploit it fully.