If you have been keeping tabs on this new wave of pop punk that's been working it's way across america, then you've probably heard the phrase "Pop Punk's Not Dead." And no where is that more apparent that with This Time Next Year's sophomore release, "Drop Out Of Life."

Back with more "feel good" pop punk, This Time Next Year have teamed up with New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert to help produce a very solid, although almost instantly forgettable record. While I know this sounds like a slight against the band, it's not meant to be. Well, not entirely.

This album does one thing extremely well. Which is sound like a carbon copy of early New Found Glory. Not so much vocally, which comes across more like a clearer sounding version of MxPx, but definitely songwise. Every riff, every chorus, every verse sounds as if you closed your eyes you would be transported back to the hey-day of NFG's Pop Punk supremacy.

But like I said, this isn't exactly a bad thing. What TTNY have done is given you a chance to relive those days. Would this album still be a great one to drive cross country with your friends during your summer road trip? Most definitely. Though if you're looking for something that breaks the mold or tries to widen the Pop Punk genre, this would not be for you. This is tried and true Pop Punk in it's almost by-the-book form. Good, not great. A fun listen, but lacking a long term shelf life in even the most hardcore of Pop Punk libraries.