In 2008 members of Next Step Up, Darkest Hour, Trephine, Wake Up Cold and Fighting Chance got together for a new project. The list of past bands is extensive and covers all of the different sub-genres between hardcore and metal. This time though the members have decided to focus almost exclusively on their affinity for metal.

Living in Baltimore I've had the privilege of seeing Bet The Devil numerous times since their inception. Initially my interest was more fueled by the allure of seeing something resembling Next Step Up. While their are obvious similarities with JR Glass sharing vocal duties for both bands, Bet The Devil really doesn't sound like a half ass attempt at a side project. This record is straight up American Metal. The majority of the record moves at an almost medium pace, but has many moments where they break into Slayer like leads with the speed to match in tracks like "Deceiver". On the same track though the band also shows their ability to incorporate a slow brooding side to close out the track.

My early favorite for the record has been the song "Blood Of The Martyr". About forty seconds in it turns into an almost complete Slayer rip-off in the best way. Had it not been for JR's significantly deeper vocals I would have thought it came right off a Slayer record due to the vocal patterns and guitar work.

When I was handed this for a review I knew I was going to have trouble giving it the description it deserves. What I didn't know was that I would enjoy it as much as I have. Unfortunately my inability to properly describe any metal record is going to take away from just how good this is. I'm not calling this record of the year or anything, but this is solid album front to back and especially impressive as a debut.

If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands and genres I can't imagine you not being at least mildly interested in this record. For those that care about things like guest appearances their are plenty on the record as well from various members of Stout, Dying Fetus, Misery Index and Radical Discharge. Also notable is that the band is releasing this record on their own so do yourself and them a favor and pick it up from one of the links below.