Surrender is a melodic hardcore band from Australia. They play an old school influenced style and definitely did their homework to get that sound.

When I put this on I was instantly reminded of Slowmotion Apocalypse but hardcore. The intricacy of the music and definitely the vocals were the main culprits here. As I listen on the it reminds me less of them but I still hear it in the vocals. Although it sounds like Slowmotion Apocalypse he puts way more emotion in his screaming and does a much better job as a vocalist.

Musically they are styled after American hardcore with slow parts and fast parts mixed up between the two. Thankfully they don't sing during the really slow parts and instead do a screaming type vocal reminiscent of Grade or other old melodic hardcore. Actually the similarities between them and Grade don not stop there either. The song structures are similar and feels like they may have been influenced highly by them or another similar band.

Overall this record is pretty solid. The songs are well written and sound good. I could definitely see anybody into melodic hardcore getting big into this with its old school sound.