Having never seen the Solitude of Prime Numbers or read the book (but I did read a synopsis) I am unable to say whether the soundtrack is a perfect match or intensifies the feelings you get while listening to the soundtrack outside the film. Honestly I feel in this case that it is unnecessary to have seen the film to enjoy this collection of songs.

First thing I noticed about this album was that the tracklisting is bizarre. The tracks are all on Prime numbers holding a very distinct, interesting theme. Although I only had the mp3s and cannot attest from personal experience, I am told that between the songs are four second tracks that are sometimes silent and sometimes hold a certain note to carry you to the next prime number.

Musically this is much different from his other works yet strangely the same. Throughout I hear Fantomas and Mr. Bungle interspersed with the music. It reminds me of Fantomas's first album but with more flow and less just sound effects. THe music is well played and even without the seeing the movie you can feel the emotion and the disparity that I assume the movie will inflict on you based on the the theme the movie presents. The only vocals are "lala" over the last track which gives it a "California" era Mr. Bungle.

THis is a great soundtrack without seeing the film (or reading the book.) It is classic Mike Patton yet so much different. Even though this is more tame than some of his work it still has his signature sound. Mike Patton fans will not disappointed and worth a few listens to fully experience this piece of musical genius.