Integrity is a band with certainly one of the more interesting careers. Started in the late 80s they saw a good bit of popularity in the 90s. They had multiple lineup changes. Then they broke up, did some weird Integ2000 stuff, broke up again, and came back in 2003 or so with To Die For. I think they may have gone on another hiatus somewhere after that for a bit. They also had more lineup changes.

During that time, they were a name everyone in hardcore knew, but they weren't immensely popular. Even seeing them on the To Die For tour I watched them along with maybe 20 other people. Fast forward to somewhere around 2007/2008. Out of nowhere they were the IT band. Countless bands jocked their sound and countless merch companies were printing shirts for them. I think today they have more shirt designs than any hardcore band ever. They were incredibly hyped. Good for them as they're legends in the scene in my opinion and deserve their credit and it's always nice to see one of your favorite bands get it.

With that popularity came more releases and releases. You put the Integrity name on it, it's most likely selling. Well, this is one 7" that really doesn't matter to me. The songs are not new as they can be found on the Den of Iniquity album. In all fairness, that album is surely no longer in print, but I have to be honest, these three songs are really only for collectors and "completionists." However, they can also be found on a 2005 compilation album which may be in print still, Sliver in the Hands of Time.

It is a nice tribute to former drummer Dave Araca. These songs were recorded with him 20 years ago before his untimely death. They definitely sound like they were recorded 20 years ago. Unfortunately, they're not the band's best songs. The song Eighteen I have long felt is one of the band's worst songs. The other two tracks are decent, but not favorites. They're mostly slower to a mid tempo pace.

Kingdom of Heaven is the best track of the 3, but even that has never been one of my Integrity favorites. They have so many songs that destroy these 3. If you have all of their other albums on vinyl and what not, then this is for you. If you're not familiar with the band, this certainly is not for you.