Danger Zone is Losin’ It!’s debut 7” on Life to Live Records. They’re a hardcore band from Florida who put out two demos in 2011, along with a split tape with Disapproval. Losin’ It!’s style is defined by late 80’s hardcore like bands such as Gorilla Biscuits and Outburst. For only being around since 2010 and members being ages 17-20, it definitely gives kids who are into old-school hardcore and fans that lived through the 80’s and early 90’s bands something to look forward to.

Danger Zone starts off with the title track, which is a groovy instrumental that leads into the first song. Already, it’s easy to see the quality difference between this recording and their previous releases.

“Fuck Off” is next; the intro riff was one of my favorites on the 7” with a blend of power chords and harmonics. That leads right into where we see the bands’ energetic, punk-influenced style. Lyrically, the band is angry yet positive. This track seems to be more personal than the others, and you can tell this band has a lot to say.

Next up is “Glory Days,” the shortest cut which is a quick 1:07. Other than the lyrics, the thing that was the most prominent to me would be the drum work in the pre-chorus. It was a great addition that broke up the sometimes monotonou,s standard hardcore beat. As far as the lyrics go, this one is criticizing people that had their run in a band but didn’t speak for change or do anything that they stood for after the bands broke up. Losin’ It! is here to let you know they’re "busting their ass to keep this shit alive" despite bands that called it quits.

The last two songs on the 7” are both re-recorded, one from each of their two demos. The first is “Check Your Head,” a vast improvement from the demo version. The guitars are crisper, the bass is punchier, the vocals more abrasive, and the drums are clearer and tighter. Lyrically, this one is anti-homophobic, the opening lyrics being “You’re running around spitting ignorant words, homophobic ideals, that shit’s for the birds.” A groovy, mid-tempo verse goes into a simple-yet-catchy chorus, which leads into my favorite breakdown of the record.

Last up is “Use It Or Lose It.” Lyrically and musically it follows the same formula, but as the saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The transition into the breakdown with a fitting “Bust it!” is on-point, as the record ends on another one of my favorite riffs from the record.

The bottom line is if you’re into punk-influenced, lyrically meaningful, youth crew, or all of the above-hardcore, this album is for you. Losin’ It! overcomes the identity crisis that I think a lot of bands unfortunately fall in to. Although it’s not anything that’s reinventing the wheel, Losin’ It! are a breath of fresh air in a world where the term “hardcore” is so askew and thrown around like it means nothing.

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