Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg aka Rendevous are Israels' best known chillwave duo. I am not sure how I should feel about that, but I am fucking impressed. I don't even know who Americas' best known chillwave artists are. That literally makes Rendevous the only chillwave duo I have ever heard of.

"What is exactly is chillwave?" I wondered aloud before pressing play. While I still am not entirely sure how to correctly classify this "innovative" genre, I am sure it is all electronic. For the most part this sounds like I am playing Ecco The Dolphin on a jumbo screen at a gay bar. Suddenly my outfit would morph into something involving a scarf and skinny jeans. As I stand there baffled at my attire my surroundings suddenly shift to the Pharoah Man level of Mega Man 4. Instead of being bummed out I'm walking around fucking up stupid cartoon snakes. This isn't so bad, I am starting to enjoy it actually. Suddenly I fall into a vat of Vaseline. I emerge gasping for breath and find myself surrounded by muscular dudes who are also covered in Vaseline. This is just as troubling as it sounds. Then I notice none of them even give a flying fuck and that actually bums me out even more. I'm not gay, but I am certainly fresh fish in this sea of dudes and odds are one of them likes seafood. Out of nowhere comes this rock god looking motherfucker named Captain Butterbottom. He has got this guitar that he plays with his dick, but he doesn't have a strap, I don't even get how he is playing it. He screams at me for invading their gay lube world and tells me I don't belong and need to get the fuck out. I'm all like "fine then", and I fucking leave and never go back.