What's that you say? the "Similar Bands" don't make any sense? How could any band sound like a mix of Einherjer and Bad Religion? Clearly you have not yet heard Frost Giant.

When I say they sound like these bands, I truly mean Frost Giant does, and does it right.

Frost Giant is a former full band, and currently one man band, from suburban Pennsylvania. Matt Frost was also formerly in a local metal band called Machina Infernus, but I think he is best in this current project. "When Myth And History Merged Into Mystery", according to the artist himself, includes two new songs and two old demos, along with a cover that I'll get to shortly.

The music exhibited on their EP here is quite frankly a brilliant exercise in not only bringing various influences to the table (and sometimes clashing influences at that), but also to often layer them over each other in a way that shouldn't work but somehow does. Prime example is "A Common Son". The rhythm and intro riffs at their base speak nothing but pure 90's Epitaph pop punk, but pair that with metal drumming and guitar tones, hardcore gang vocals, and a chorus that could easily either be taken right from Helloween or Korpiklaani......you have one of the most interesting songs I think I've ever heard. "Not While I Draw Breath" does the same and even mixes in some blast beats. There is no earthly reason this should work and not be cheesy, but it actually does work, and sounds fresh and invigorating rather than just an ironic mashup made for lulz.

The best part is if you're not paying close attention, you get suckered into listening to an Adele song. Yes, that Adele. Frost Giant covers "Someone Like You" at the end of this record, and it's as equally surprising and spectacular as the other 4 songs are, alternating between pop punk and thrash metal influences on this current pop hit.

This isn't simply for anyone looking for something "different". After all, I could record sounds of my own piss hitting piano strings and it would be "different". This is both different, well executed, and sheer high quality. I hope to hear more of Frost Giant very soon.