This album was a chore to get through. From 20 seconds into the first song, I had the impression this album should have been released 10 years ago, when bands like A Perfect Circle, Tool, and Stabbing Westward were all the rage. It's a boring and generic 46+ minutes of Alternative Rock.

Musically there is nothing special about this release. It's filled with bland and boring guitar riffs with whiny guitar parts littering every song. Lyrically, it doesn't stand out in any way. Some songs involve a style of singing that barely classifies as anything more than talking. A couple of songs have a few lines of screaming that aren't too shabby, but they immediately revert back to the boring, blah style of the rest of the tracks.

Unless you can't get enough of bands like A Perfect Circle and Stabbing Westward (or bands that sound like them), this is over 46 minutes worth of music that you don't need to listen to.