2012 is going to be a very good year for Dave Curran. He just struck gold with the new Unsane album, Wreck and now pulling double duty, he's unleashed the debut album from his new outfit Pigs.

Yea, there are similarities between the two bands but not enough to call them an Unsane clone. If anything, Pigs is much akin to the sadly overlooked Players Club in which Curran was in with Pigs drummer, Jim Paradise.

Just to get this out of the way, this album ROCKS. Typing that has a dual meaning. Yes, it rocks in the way that it rules but it also a rock album. There's a forward momentum that drives this album. The songs are all well written and massive. A lot of bands of this genre would be happy with just saying mid-paced throughout the duration of the album but Pigs aren't afraid to step on the gas and speed things up.

For a debut album, it's awesome that they were able to write a focused release. This is a rare instance where the whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Pounding drums, dissonant and angular guitar riffs and swirling basslines, this is all the best of NYC noise rock all in one grimy puddle.

The production which was handled by bassist Andrew Schneider (who has engineered some great album) is stunning. Every instrument stands out and sounds organic. The bass tone on this album will make you shit your Hanes.

Like I said before about this album rocking, I stand by that statement 100%. If this album doesn't make you shake your ass while banging your head, then you're defective.