I have a confession. Listening to Torche's newest offering Harmonicraft is my first real in-depth experience with this band. I had heard songs here and there... and while I enjoyed what I heard, nothing really blew my skirt up. In order to give this collection of songs an honest review, I wanted to go back and revisit the records that lead them to this point. Through this exercise in research one thing became obvious very quickly, and that was the fact that I had been sleeping on one of the best active bands in music today.

I think part of the problem when previously trying to dig into the work of Torche was the fact that I had only checked out a song or two randomly from their library. This band is cut from the same cloth as the larger-than-life acts from the 70's who actually wrote full albums. What I mean is that Harmonicraft is one whole body of work and not merely a collection of haphazardly placed songs. Great thought and care went into the orchestration of this record and being a fan of music, I greatly appreciate that. In delving back into their previous works, I now know that this is something that they have always been masters at and I apologize to them for my dismissive cursory glance at their material.

To try to pin Torche into a genre would be an exercise in futility... but I will say this to put it simply... they are one of the heaviest rock bands in the game, hands down. The sonic mass of this record is comparable to the weight of a planet. I honestly can not gush enough about how blown away I am about how dense their sound is. The fuzzed out tones all perfectly accent one another all while cradling an infection melodic quality that I haven't heard since Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger. This fact is immense praise coming from me, since it is one of my favorite records of all time. Torche's ability to sway painlessly through a seemingly endless number of genres within one body of work is absolutely incredible.

The bottom line is that if you consider yourself to be a fan of music... you will find something to latch on to with this record. Torche covers all of the bases from stoner rock to metal to punk to pop to doom and everything in between... but when they pour all of that out of their blender what you you receive is a stunningly beautiful body of music. Harmonicraft is going to be on a lot of 'Best of 2012' lists come December, so get familiar now. I hope you like to smile and headbang, because I know I can't stop.