Converge has a new album coming out this fall, yet felt like adding another split EP to the discography to tide us over. With the previous EP, Dropdead contributed to the b-side, and this effort has Napalm Death stepping up to the plate. The grandpas of grindcore hold up well against the solid 52 second rager off of Converge's upcoming new album, "All We Love We Leave Behind".

Converge gets things started with the aforementioned 52 second rager, "No Light Escapes". Every aspect to Converge's sound is present here, fretboard acrobatics that vary from drudging chords to higher register dissonance are again compliments of Kurt Ballou, the standard distorted vocals of Jacob Bannon and the frantic, technical drumming of Ben Koller. On a side note, Koller has been killing it on the drums for a variety of bands like All Pigs Must Die and United Nations. The personal highlight for me on a production standpoint would be bassist Nate Newton's MASSIVE bass tone. You can truly appreciate what I'm talking about when the bass kicks in on the opening moments of Converge's cover of "Wolverine Blues" by Entombed. Such crushing low end rounds out the chaos, which features vocals by Aaron Turner, Kevin Baker, Tomas Lindberg, and Brian Izzi in what the press release states, is a "We Are The World" moment.

Napalm Death's side of the split brings more of the band's standard grindcore assault. "Will By Mouth" is the Napalm Death sound in a nutcase, with blastbeats and hyper shrieks by vocalist Mark Greenway. The second original offering, "No Impediment To Triumph" is more of a slow burning progressive piece, with subject matter dealing with the Bhopal disaster from 1984. I'd spend time explaining that here, but that's what Wikipedia is for.

This split EP is well worth checking out. Any fans of Converge will get pumped up on their upcoming LP, and fans of Napalm Death will get more the shit they love. I mean, reviewing this made me go Bold and Italic crazy so you know I was excited. This split is out now on Deathwish Inc.