If you're into metal, Revelation is one of the best bands you may or may not have ever heard of. The best part about it is that you can change that all, guilt fee for as little as the click of a mouse.

As with all of my reviews, here comes a tedious history lesson. Back when I was obsessed with Mario 3 and pretending my erasers were space ships and race cars instead of paying attention in school, Revelation were just down the road from me, atop the heap of a thriving scene of Maryland based doom bands, many of whom were gaining significant exposure through Germany's now-legendary Hellhound Records. Unorthodox, Wretched, Iron Man, all continuing what Bobby Liebling and Wino had started a decade before. One of the few bands to have stayed relatively active and involved to this day is Revelation, brainchild of one John Brenner, also a mastermind behind Bland Hand Records and the occasional Maryland area doom festival.

Revelation originally faithfully followed the Trouble inspired doom route, even naming themselves after one of their songs, but with time have become an interesting entity all their own. The current lineup splits time between Revelation and Against Nature, and both identities are now demonic workhorses with multiple records to their credit; in Revelation's case, more records than in their heyday.

"Inner Harbor" finds Revelation as productive and relevant as ever. Long gone is the echo-y crunch of 20 years ago, and in its place is a record proudly recorded in a basement and challenging the very meaning of doom as many people claim to understand it. The flat, lo-fi sound doesn't take away from the songs one bit, and in fact challenges you to listen to a doom record exclusively for the songwriting and not for a horrifically distorted drop B masturbation fart crunch.

As prolific as the members have been between their two projects over the years, it would be easy to assume that ideas have long gone stale, but I really cannot claim that this is the case here. John Brenner and crew sound just like they always have, mixing the best sounds of the 70's, the 80's, classic doom, classic rock, and just a bit of progginess to round it out well.

Top cut: Eve Separated. This, my friends, is how to sound evil without screaming or turning the overdrive dial past 3. And trust me....it really does sound evil.

You can download this and a TON of other amazing records at Bland Hand's website.