I'm not exactly sure how I got this record. Every now and then I get random e-mails from names I don't recognize asking me to review a record. Surprisingly they are usually half way decent. Well this release from Dependency sure fucked up that average.

When I saw the "for fans of" listing Modern Life Is War and Shai Hulud I had a lot of hope. I've always been a big fan of both of those bands unique take on hardcore. What I found when I hit play was a big disappointment. There are slight guitar parts that sound like Shai Hulud and a some of the mood of MLIW, but that is where those comparisons end.

It's rare that one aspect of a band can completely turn me off from the whole, but here the vocals do just that. Imagine a combination of Dan Mills from Cold World and Aaron Bedard from Bane, high pitched, way too loud and just sound like absolute shit. Aside from that the songwriting just seems elementary. It is hard to tell though with this mix though and the vocals so prominent.

I'm usually an easy target when it comes to reviewing hardcore records. I like pretty much everything when it comes to my favorite genre. Having said that, Dependency are a rare exception and I am so happy to be turning this record off.