Just Die! from Asheville, North Carolina have seemingly been flying under the hardcore scene radar for way too long now. With three great releases already under their belt, and their latest not being all that old, I was surprised to see the band back in the studio so soon.

Since The Day We Were Born is a quick six songs of hardcore in under eight minutes. The band hasn't wandered off the sound they established on past releases that falls somewhere between Paint It Black, Kid Dynamite and Sick Of It All. Although these guys rip through these tracks they still manage to keep them full of substance and don't leave room for filler. For fast and thrashy hardcore, Matt Evans writes interesting and unpredictable riffs that keep the songs from sounding too much like one another. While Steve Shell has consistently written more thought provoking and meaningful lyrics on each release and that doesn't change here. The dynamic between the two and the rest of the band seem to allow the band to craft songs that are so compelling for hardcore.

Just Die! continue to write fun and smart hardcore on Since The Day We Were Born. They have kept it up since 2006 and the combined quality of this EP and their last LP keeps me genuinely excited for what this band will continue to do.